Webelos is for children in the 4th grade. Webelos stands for We’ll be loyal scouts and is their final full-year of cub scouts. This program helps them begin to ready for Scouts BSA. 

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Your scout will be encouraged to wear their uniform appropriately. The shirt should be tucked in and orderly. Our scouts understand the importance of representing BSA while in uniform




  • Scout socks
  • Scout pants/shorts

Rank Requirements

First graders, and anyone beyond that grade who is new to Cub Scouting, completes the Bobcat Badge prior to working on their grade-specific badge of rank.

  1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.
  2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.
  3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.
  5. Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means.
  6. Show the Cub Scout salute. Tell what it means.
  7. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

Rank Requirements

1. Be an active member of your Webelos den for 3 months.

2. Complete each of the 5 required adventures and at least one elective of your choosing.

3. With your parent, guardian or caring adult, complete the exercises in the pamphlet entitled How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide

4. Earn the Cyber Chip award for your age or earn the Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure for Webelos

Required Adventures

Cast Iron Chef
Webelos Walkabout
First Responder
Stronger Faster Higher
Duty to God and You

Elective Adventures (Webelos & AOL share electives)

Aware and Care
Art Explosion
Adventures in Science
Into the Woods
Project Family
Looking Back - Forward
Into the Wild
Game Design
Fix It
Earth Rocks
Build My Own Hero
Build It

Jason Cook - Webelos Den Leader

Jason is our Webelos Den Leader.  He was a scout growing up, has already had one son progress through Pack 002 and Boy Scouts, and is enjoying his second time through 10 years later with his youngest son.  He is a camping enthusiast who loves the outdoors

Ben Kauss - Webelos Den Leader

Ben is our Weblelos Den Leader and Pinewood Derby expert.  His family enjoys the outdoors and serving his scouts. 

Cynthia Sale - Webelos Den Leader

Cynthia has a true heart to help her den members grow and become leaders in the community. .